I will listen to the constituents of our ward and make sure your interests are represented at City Hall.


I am very interested in how we can support green initiatives and sustainability in our city. We already have the exterior home improvement grant and I believe we could potentially expand on that to help homeowners make their houses more sustainable as well.


There are many opportunities for revitalization and development in Merriam and I believe capitalizing on the land we already own at 5701 Merriam Drive should just be a start. As the chair of the citizen committee charged with deciding what to do with the old community center I helped bring a clear process to our decision making and recommendation of what to do with the site once the new community center is up and running. Through a public meeting and surveys the committee would like to save the 1911 parts of the building if possible, and turn the site into an outdoor event space/amphitheater, park space and playgrounds, and make the whole site a catalyst for downtown revitalization. The plan is the middle of the road solution in terms of cost of all options explored and helped keep some of the history of the site as well as turning it in to usable space for the future.


I understand that there have been a lot of concerns about the decisions that city staff and council have made in the recent years about large issues, to help inform our ward more effectively I plan to have an email newsletter to help make the residents of our ward as informed as they want to be.


Our community is extremely safe and creates an environment for families to thrive. I plan to make sure it stays that way by looking at ways to enhance the community and small town appeal of Merriam for the current generation of residents and hope to have a lasting impact on the future as well.